Innove-E Foundation

Innove-E Foundation

Buying Shaklee Helps Support Innov-E Foundation

Changing Brands can help Innov-E Foundation.

The household items you use every day are prime candidates for “redirected spending” that will help our organization grow and accomplish our mission and cause.

You can help us by switching brands, and using Shaklee products.

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The Innov-E Foundation is dedicated to helping youth of the developing world and youth with special needs to expand their creative and innovative potential. Innov-E Foundation envisions a world where everyone is working together to raise awareness and reduce domestic violence.


The Innov-E Foundation is recognized as a leading international charitable educational access facilitator that has contributed to measurable changes in the innovative capacity of youth around the world, through access to educational knowledge from developed nations via the use of the new technologies of information and communication in the areas of science, media, film, arts and earth preservation.


Strategic alliances with like-minded individuals and institutions around the world.